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One of the most unique features of the building is the two- to three-story tall tanks which are housed inside the brewhouse. Once these are removed, a tall indoor space will be opened up, which will be converted to a large indoor public space, possibly a gallery, Chu said.

The city’s Planning and Economic Development Department reported that the buildings are structurally and environmentally sound overall. Other buildings in the complex may eventually be converted to housing and commercial uses that would be compatible with the APCC.

Retrofitting an old industrial building will be more expensive than building a custom-designed space, Chu said. “We have made ourselves more dependent on government funding with this decision,” she said.

However, because the project serves a double goal of housing the APCC and revitalizing a key historic building, a strong partnership with the city, county, state and federal governments is expected as the project moves ahead.

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Posted: Tue, 07/17/2007 - 20:17

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