Hee Ah Lee, Four-Fingered Pianist Piano Conert

Pianist, Hee Ah Lee
Hee Ah Lee, also known as 'The Four-Fingerd Pianist', is a God-sent miracle who has been inspiring people all around the world by her piano performance. She overcame numerous obstacles including being born with only 2 fingers on each hand and no legs under her kneecaps, which would have been sufficient reason for other people to give up any hope in life.

Hee Ah was born in Seoul, Korea on July 9th, 1985. When she first began to play piano at age 7, she didn’t dream to become a pianist; her only hope was to strengthen her hands so that she could hold a pencil.

As time went by, however, piano became her strongest inspiration and best friend. By playing the piano, she could derive a great deal of emotional stability and go to many different places and meet many interesting people. Her concerts were held not only in Korea, but also in more than 10 different countries all over the world including China, Japan, United States, Canada, Brazil, Austrailia, just to name a few.

Her biggest goal in life is to share her experiences with others, especially those who were born with disabilities or are suffering from atrocities in life. With her positive attitude and big smile, Hee Ah has been a musical ambassador wherever she went to play the piano.

Most recently she was the torch-carrier in Korea for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. Currently she is living in Korea with her mother. She is attending Korea’s National College of Rehabilitation & Welfare and is busy performing, recording, and sharing her experiences with other people.

Hee Ah plans on coming to Minnesota October 13 through 20, 2008, and will perform at Hopkins High School’s Auditorium. Her performance will include her regular repertoire which is usually composed of Beethoven, Chopin, Pachelbel, and Liszt, among other composers.

Her performance in Minnesota became possible thanks to donations made by people like you.

Hee Ah Lee, Four-Fingered Pianist Piano Conert

Oct. 19, 2008 – Sunday
3:00 PM
Hopkins High School Auditorium
2400 Lindbergh Drive Minnetonka, MN

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